Indoor camera compatible with HomeBase 2

Are any of the indoor cameras compatible with the HomeBase 2? I live out in the country where DSL is my only internet option, and my service cannot handle the amount of devices that a household normally needs these days (especially on wifi). I just recently installed three of the Pro2 cameras outside of my house, and it seems the ethernet connection through the HomeBase is helping keep my router happy. I would love to replace the 100% junk Canary indoor cameras that I have had for a few years with the Eufy cameras, but it wouldn’t help solve part of the issue unless I can connect them through the HomeBase as well.

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@audraparscale Unfortunately, the indoor cameras are stand alone products. They connect directly to wifi and do not communicate with the Homebase 2.

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Any updates on this?

@Nick666 It’s still the same. No updates from Eufy to make these indoor cameras compatible with any homebase.

It seems like SEVERAL of their products still do not communicate with one another, almost like they were designed by different teams. Their leadership had no real vision or plans on how to make their “security” system all align with one another and their atrocious app. Overall, very sad ecosystem. Consider lots of standalone items that have to be individually turned on/off, set, etc.

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Thank you for info.
This makes them loosing money. I’ll not extend existing ecosystem, what I planned to do. And for sure I’m not the only one.