Indoor cam not tracking humans

Hello… I have an indoor cam pan & tilt mounted in my garage. I have it set to people only. Problem is… When I open the garage door… camera tracks door and misses me(people) altogether. Currently rotation speed is fast, motion sensitivity is set to 4 (out of 5). Any settings that will help?

I have an indoor and outdoor cam as well. I do have a question. When the garage door opens does a light comes on? I have found that my outdoor cam won’t trigger a few times due to the sudden flash in lighting. I wonder if that is what may be happening here

Camera is inside the garage…in front of the opener and the light, I’ve noticed that as the garage door opens… The camera starts following the opening door even though I have it set for humans only. I’ve aimed the camera away from the door, but it still follows the door. If I come in after the door is open… It’ll start following me. How do I get it to stop following the non-human door… LoL