Indoor CAm 2K and Apple Homekit

Hi there,
Just got one 2K camera for one week now. Well satisfied with it but i can’t get it trigger with Apple Homekit. I set on the recoding options on desactivated when home and stream & record while out based on my family position.
Well, when we’re out nothing change on the camera settings. It keeps being switch off and of course I don’t get any notifications as nothing changed on the in/out position.

When I remove the cam from homekit and use only the Eufy app, it works well.
So the issue is with homekit but why and where.

That’s not my fisrt module on homekit based on my location. Them work perfectly when I’m in or out of home. Even for my family.

Any ideas? I’ve removed the link from the cam to Homekit several times but nothing…


On your iphone Go to Settings > General > Privacy and make sure that Location Services is turned on. Select Location Services . Make sure that HomeKit is set to Always

Go to HomeKit - find your camera, tap it and then the gear. Go to Recording Options - When Away, that needs to be set to something other than OFF. Then back one and set your notifications.

Should resolve it.

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Hi, thanks for your answer. It is already like this in my settings. So i don’t understand why it is not working. My hue lights are working well when we live the house or come back.

Hi, it is set like that from the beginning : when i’m out it is set to bradcast and record. Whe nwe are inside the house it is set to off.

I don’t understand why it is not responding correctly.

You can not set Homekit to always it has never let you do it unfortunately…

What do you mean? I can’t set homekit to always???

@Tank @Nikonebout my understanding is you leave the Home App open in background 24/7! Please correct me if I’m wrong :expressionless:

Hi well surprise everything works now. Why? I don’t know as I didn’t changed my settings.
It’s a bit slow to switch on (saturday it took 2 hours before switching and yesterday 30mn - but it switches off immediately as I’m near my house).

@LlewellynPhotography : I do have the same settings as your capture. Thanks for the help by the way. I’ll keep watching for the issue as I think it’ll continue.

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I think they did something on the backend. All my cams/notifications started working yesterday/today. Made no major changes.

IndoorCam is supposed to be compatible with Homekit, if it is not working please contact customer service for analysis

I think so as well.

I keep it in mind for next time. But one of the main issue for thomekit is that the area of tracking is even in its smallest aspect to big. the camera should trigger as soon as we are away from our initial spot. I can be at 10m the camera still thinks I’m at home. I don’t see the use of such an action. It should be : I leave my house then it switches to the set of the settings.