Indoor cam 2 pan and tilt HomeKit issues

When I try to add my indoor cam 2k pan and tilt to HomeKit it tries to add it as a bridge instead of a camera and fails. My regular indoor 2k cams have been added to HomeKit just fine. Any ideas?


I have 2 Pans. Both went into HomeKit OK. But, one of them won’t allow me to see live video on my Apple Watch. Just gets stuck with connecting…

I’ve tried removing and re-adding to HomeKit. But, same issue. It does work perfect though on my iPad and iPhone. Anyone else? Thanks! :slight_smile:

Same here. Found as bridge but unable to add. Must be an eufy software issue. Some users reported success though. Kind of annoying to be sold as „HomeKit approved“ where it isn‘t at all.

Ok, I reset the Pan and now it is working! :slight_smile:

Same here times out without finding camera.

did not work for me. I’ve read it countless times: The normal one works, the Pan & Tilt can’t be integrated into HomeKit atm.

I just bought 2 indoor cam (pan & tilt), can’t add into Homekit. Very disappointing.
Anyone has any luck on this ?