Indoor C120 2K Downloaded Video Resolution NOT 2K

I have (4) new C120 2K cameras configured to record in 2K HD. However, when I download any of the recordings, file properties indicate the resolution is 1920x1080 which is NOT 2K.

I have 32GB SD cards in each camera, and the cameras are connected to my new HomeBase 3 with a 1TB hard drive.

Any suggestions on how to get these cameras to record videos in 2K resolution?

I had seen a video about that sometime ago, and I thought that issue was fixed where it was not recording in 2K even though you had set it to.
3.0MP 2304 x 1296 is like 2K

If I recall you want to go into the cameras settings and switch the 2K to 1080p close out the app and then reopen the app go back into the settings and switch it to back to 2K.

Good luck

Hi jd164.

I saw that video too and tried those steps. But after making the change to 1080p and then back to 2K HD still results in downloaded videos with 1080p resolution.

Can you or anyone else who own C120 2K cameras confirm if any downloaded videos are in 2K resolution?


Ron, question… Do you have the cams recording to the hard drive on the HB3?

If so, change it so it records on the SD cards and see if any change happens.

Are you using HomeKit or recording backups to the cloud?

How about firmware updates are they to date?

Hi jd164.

I’m not using HomeKit and not recording to the cloud. Firmware of C120 and HomeBase 3 are up to date.

I also have S300 cameras which can only save to HomeBase 3. When I download those files, they are at the correct resolution of 3840x2160.

All of my C120 cameras were saving to HomeBase 3. So I changed 1 of them to NOT save files to HomeBase 3. Since then, downloaded videos from that camera are at 2304x1296 resolution. So it seems saving videos from C120 cameras to HomeBase 3 is the issue.


Eufy support confirmed the HomeBase 3 does not support 2K recording. Here is their comment:

“Our technical team has noticed that you are using the Homebase 3 for local storage. It is important to note that indoor cameras bound to Homebase 3 that support 2K resolution will not record in 2K quality. This is due to the current limitations of the Homebase 3 when handling 2K recording.”

For now, I’ll just rely on micro SD storage for the C120 camera. Too bad… Hope they update HomeBase 3 to support this camera in 2K.