Indoor 2K Night Vision On and Off

Setup two Indoor 2Ks yesterday, noticed one in the kitchen, when the lights were turned off the night vision came on, but then would click back off. Repeatedly. Thought was some light coming from the outside back porch light but was not. Possibly some glare by a nearby wall from the night vision lights. I did verify the night vision lights are working correctly my moving the camera to a dark room for a test.

Anyone have this issue? Will try adjusting the camera this evening.


@wick_carl I have those issues when the lights change in the room. For example, at night in the living room when the TV brightens the area, the infrared lights turn off. As soon as the screen because darker, they turn back on. You can hear the clicking at times, but is usually drowned out by the volume of the TV. Other times, small changes of light effect the infrared lights.

I’m not quite sure if this is similar to your example, or if your unit is just changing back and forth for no reason.

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Yes! I can’t stand that. I just moved from Canary cameras to Eufy this weekend and this was really unexpected. Don’t like hearing all the clicking back and forth while watching TV at all. Would be great if Eufy would disable auto night vision when the camera is set to not record or send notifications. If you check the live view THEN it can be temporarily enabled for that. Please update this with a firmware fix, Eufy.


Yes. I’m having the same issue. I just installed two of them; one in the garage and one in the living room. It seems like the one in the living room clicks on and off constantly when all the lights are off. It’s so strange.

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