Indoor 2k camera with homebase 2

Is there any chance there are plans to make the new indoor 2k wifi camera compatible with the homebase 2. It nice to have the option to include it on a Mode setting that uses door sensors and outdoor cameras tied to my homebase.


It will be compatible soon!


Thats good to hear!!

There’s a typo in the Recordings menu. It’s spelt continuous. How does something so simple make it past quality assurance?


Qual*ty :slight_smile:

Thanks,I will check with the APP team. Thanks.

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Is there any update on this? Any time frame on when the Indoor 2K camera will be compatible with the Homebase 2? Also, will this update just allow the camera to be managed by Homebase modes or will it also allow the 2K camera to record video to the Homebase? Thanks.


I’d also be interested to know this before I go out an buy an micro SD card

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@Mengdi any update on this compatible request?

I’m also looking for it and also external storage of Homebase. I have tried the HomeKit cloud storage but functions are still developing or not available.

@Mengdi any update on this? I think a lot of customers are interested in this feature for the new cameras.

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I bought the cam because I thought it is integrated like that …
Why the hell isn’t it?


I don’t use continuous recording so that’s not a problem, they could always add a warning screen if you do enable it or just lock that feature out completely unless you have USB/Cloud storage.

I just want to be able to change the indoor cam security status via geo fencing like I can with the doorbell and entry sensors.

I’d be happy just to have that option and keep recording to a MicroSD card.

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The same here! I also want to change the indoor cam security via geofencing! I’ve three indoor cams and need to set the security for each cam instead just once or beter with geofencing


if there are any updates, we will post on community



I was unaware that there was no option to connect this to my Homebase security. There’s almost no point to it until this changes. I needed it to activate when other security sensors triggered. If there’s even an anticipated timeline for compatibility, it would be helpful!


Hi, I just purchased 4 indoor 2k cameras along with the 5 piece home security kit with the keypad, Homebase 2 and sensors. Very surprised that the indoor cameras can not be armed or disarmed by the keypad. Any update on when this will be rolled out as seems like a sure fire hit if it was released! Thanks in advance.


Frankly, when remembering the IFTTT-issue, the term “soon” doesn’t make me feel good. So, may I ask what “soon” means in this case? It is September now. For the IFTTT feature “soon” meant “never”.

It is questionable why I have to switch mode for the Indoor cam separately when having the HomeBase2 set up already … strange engineering … doesn’t make any sense.


Like many others here, I too would like all Eufy cameras to work with Homebase 2. Is there a target date?


As we can see, it is unfortunate that no one has been able to write a profound answer since last Monday. Sadly, that’s very typical of Eufy - Only vague promises are made, the implementation of which has been pending far too long and is often not implemented at all.
The saddest thing about all of this: An obviously very bad development, which is often extremely far from the needs of average users.
How did you come up with the idea of ​​developing an in-door camera that wasn’t fully integrated into the existing operating environment? Who would ever publish this solution as ready for the market if this means having to individually change the status for each additional in-door camera, regardless of the settings for other cameras, such as “E”, “2” or “2C” ? I call this an undesirable development that makes it seem that the developer and manufacturer never uses their own products.
Since mistakes can happen, none of this is even the problem - the real problem is that Eufy always makes empty promises to solve existing problems, but then either takes an eternity to solve them or does not make any changes in the end to be silent on the subject.

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