Inconsistent Behavior with EufyCam2 and Wireless Doorbell

I bought the 2-pack EufyCam 2 and the Eufy Wireless Doorbell and installed it 6 days ago. These products are very inconsistent. I get alarms that “the battery can’t be charged above xxx temperature”, notifications are delayed, it stops working for hours without detecting anything and then all of the sudden a notification pops up. The app says that x amount of false alarms were filtered but I wish I could look at those alarms and verify and possibly train the AI better with manual selection.
I have to say I am not impressed and will not be recommending these to anyone. If I can’t count on them working when something actually happens then why have them at all.

Wireless signal is good from all cameras to the Wireless network in my house
I live in Texas and it is hot and the cameras are exposed to direct sunlight.
Will continue testing them for a few more weeks and if it doesn’t improve I will be cutting my losses.

The other problem that I have is that one of the cameras is very spotty when it comes to motion.
In the picture a person walks by my house and the camera in the tree picked it up. You can see where the camera sits in the tree on the “Garage” picture in the yellow circle. The “Garage” camera should have picked up on that person as well but it has not. I tried setting zones, high sensitivity, human motion, all motion … same outcomes. For my garage camera to pick up movement someone has to be almost between my cars …
Not good. Very spotty, very inconsistent.

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It usually takes a few days for my 2c cams to have good motion detection after placing them. It’s almost like they’re “learning” the surroundings. In your picture, the sun is setting and possibly creating some glare in the cam that didn’t pick up the person. Sunset times can give weird lighting and shadows. Personally, I’d give it at least a week and see if it gets better.

You also may want to mess with the motion settings in the app. The cam on your garage may need to be set to a 4 instead of the default 3 for detection.

Same problems here with the camera’s not detecting motion OR recording. They suddenly stop sometimes. Turing Them off and on Will do the trick doe some time again

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I get the same problem I wonder if ts something to do with the sleep / wake functionality as the EufyCams arent continuously on

So disabling and re-enabling the camera sorts it out so it wakes the camera up again

Indeed , that’s what I also thought , because at night no motion is there (luckily). But in the morning they didn’t react , so looks like they go to sleep after a couple of hours without motion. And don’t wake up …

I asked eufy support but they only look for other problems wich aren’t there.

When you switch off you camera’s and then on again they simply work again for a time.

Today I got a whole new problem , homebase 2 is disconnecting all the time …

And when it does , it still keep recording but my doorbell also from eufy fails and don’t give any push notifications , nor my ring inside give an sound so you miss people at your door when homebas is out

It’s very annoying , A lot of people complaining about the same problem but they won’t come up with a solution , only private messages with no solutions. Maybe they do try but don’t know how to fix it

Motion detection is set to 7 … still not picking it up. I can see your point on the glare, but this happens at all times dark or light …