Improved Image quality

After looking at the video that is being captured by my Eufy Cam2 system I can see that it’s very blocky and I cannot read the license plates on the cars that pass in front of my house. Is there any way to decrease the video compression that’s applied? The current video quality is very poor compared to broadcast TV.

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I agree, what’s the use of fullHD or 2K resolution if this is so compressed…
The ability to select decrease compression would be nice but i guess it might be challenging for the bandwidth between the camera and the homebase.

Honestly with the same biterate i think videos would be better in 720p with less compression.

being able to read the licence plate of a moving car has very little to do with resolution. it has to do with refresh rate and all these security options from eufy, ring, arlo etc run anywhere between 10 to 30fps. it sure would be nice to see an option for 60 or 120fps. i think eufy cameras run around 15fps.

Duplicate discussion:

This could be addressed by not using such old codecs and instead using an up-to-date format like AV1 which has the best compression rate possible (meaning higher quality at smaller filesize).