Improve Family & Guest: Access for Gardener or Housekeeper

The Family & Friends options don‘t work for me yet. I would like to share specific access rights for our Gardener or Housekeeper, eg so they can change Mode of our system when we are away (deactivate outdoor sensors resp. only indoor sensors, however no access to cameras oder settings).

Is this possible (and I was not able to find it)?
Is the feature already on your list?

What issue are you having with the friends and family sharing?

I would never provide credentials to the app for them. First off it’s an app they have to keep installed, and may give too much access as well. Based on the zero-trust principle, you should never let hem disable more than alarms and notifications.
I use a keypad for my parents, as I don’t want to give them access to the video feeds and explain the complexity of the app.

I agree - however with my old provider Egardia it was possible to hand out a mobile „keypad“ (very reduced version of the app) or a hardware remote. This is the only thing I miss with Eufy right now.

It is either too much „power“ or not enough - I only want to share the possibility to deactivate the alarm (and I want to get notification about this) - however I don‘t want to share access to cameras or settings of my devices… only Change in Mode (don‘t know the name of the function in English app version, „Modi“ in german app).

:grinning: Just buy the keypad and make a guest password, you can even set the time and let the access code expire if you want to.


It’s amazingly simple and effective. You can add up to five passwords with unique names which also is visible in the event list (Housekeeper disabled alarm).
Aside from that, using the buttons on the keypad, you can control the Home, Away, custom (including geofencing and schedule) and a keypad-unique (alarm off) mode.

If I may give a suggestion, I would wait this week what deals there are for eufy on Amazon. If the keypad is on sale, grab it and test it out! That way you can confirm whether the keypad is sufficient for your needs :slight_smile:


@John0 @Erwin4 Thank you, maybe I should try the keypad then. :sweat_smile: