Impact cold weather on battery life

I live in the Netherlands. And since the last week we have cold temperatures below -12 degrees Celsius at night and -4 at daytime. These temperatures are very rare for us. I have a battery doorbell hardwired and for the first time since installing the battery doorbell back in April of 2020 the battery is draining faster then the 8v transformer is charging it. For now I set the power mode to optimal battery and the forecast announced temperatures will rise to 7 degrees by next week so it will solve it self. I was wondering how you people who live in cold regions are doing this.

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Very cold here in the UK at the minute, not noticed any issues charging yet on 8v 0.5amp

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Here is a link I posted earlier on lithium batteries in cold weather. It helps explain when to charge and when its not a good idea.


Don’t think they charge below 0c do they?

Well atleast my cams alert me to that.