I'm getting alerts my friend isn't

I’m getting alerts my friend isn’t.

We both have a brand new phone

OnePlus 9
Power saving is the same on both phones.
I tried her phone on do not optimise. (No alerts)

We are both on the same hub. She has full admin rights etc.

Why is she not receiving alerts.

I tried restarting the hub. (No alerts for her)

Solution do far. This turned my friends notification on.

Android turns off stuff after a while.

I had alerts… My friend didn’t.

Long press the app icon.
App info
And turn off. 'remove permissions if app isn’t used"

Check notification for…
…Are set to ON

I selected “only when in use” for camera and microphone.

I leave the battery power managements (different menu) to auto and the alerts still work always… OnePlus 9 Android