IFTT and Eufy compatibility

I have several camera’s, quality is good but interaction with google home, IFTT is pour or not working. When is this solved, then you have possibilities when a person is detected the HUE ligthing will blink or something else. Very powerful setup. When can this be realized or is there a workaround?


When my doorbell is pressed my hue lights blink. Make an android device action when notification received from Eufy app do hue action. Workaround…

Can you explain which settings you setup in Eufy and which settings in IFTT. I create a IFTT setup but it is not clear to me how I can couply the eufy doorbell


In eufy app make sure you set push message on device so your android device receives a notification. In IFTTT create applet ‘notification received from specific app’ There use app name EufySecurity, and keyword something from the notification of Eufy ( in dutch I added ‘bezoeker’ to blink my hue lights.

Hi, push message is ON in Eufy and it worked one time blinking hue lights. When pressing the doorbell again it looks like Eufy does not send a push message anymore??? Only once?
I looked into the setting but cannot see any delay settings??

I checked sometimes Eufy sends notifications to my Android phone frequently and sometimes it does not send any notifications. In both cases the IFTT/hue triggered my hue light only once/first time. I do not see any wrong config settings???

I did several checks. My conclusion is that this link works maybe 2-3 times when you press the doorbell 10 times. I did not change any setting and suddenly it works and then not. This is a nice solution but not a very stable one. Do you know how to improve? I tought my virusscanner was causing the issue, but after disabling the pour performance is still the same Does it really work at your place, 10 times pressing at 10 times a flashing hue??

It is far from ideal. It works here but it seems to be an limit on the Eufy app or android device. When a certain amount of notifications is pending / unread the app or device doesnt seem to receive the new notification. Keeping the pending notifications to a minimum here and then it seems to work. Sometimes with delay. We need native support for this kind of stuff. As soon as google removes the three hour limit on there setup we move