Ideas on mounting 2x eufy 2C on an existing outdoor mount?

Hi all,

I have replaced an existing eufy 2C camera with a new Solocam S40. Was thinking I could reuse the old eufy 2C where my other 2C camera was mounted (like having the two face in opposite direction from the same mount). Any ideas on how to do this without just installing a 2nd mount right next to it? Surely there are Y-mount adapters on the market somewhere? But I can’t find any online…

Thanks in advance

IF you could find and pay for such a thing… and IF it could somehow handle the extra weight (including the birds landing on that huge target)… and IF you could still adjust them correctly… and IF the 2 Cams being so close wouldn’t interfere with its communications… then… ummm… not sure now.

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Thanks, I guess? :wink: I don’t see weight being an issue with the included 2C mount… these 2C cameras are pretty lightweight. Just need a Y-adapter that’s got two 1/4 20 threaded male side to a single 1/4 20 threaded female side. Amazed nothing like this exists in the security camera mounting world.