I need help with night time notifications

I’m using 3 Eufy floodlight cameras. None of the default notifications are loud enough to alert you to a burglar when you are sleeping. My simplisafe burglar alarm system calls me. I have them setup as my favorites on phone. I put my phone in do not disturb mode at night. I do not want to be woke up for non emergencies. Is there something I can do so I am alerted at night with my Eufy system? Default sounds are not even close to being loud enough to wake you up. Thanks.


Go find the most annoying, loud, obnoxious music (for me it’ll be something like Jessie Reyes - figures song when she starts raising her voice) or sound effect and make that the notification sound and set to the highest volume. Problem is, that’ll be the sound for all eufy motion notification.

How do you ad your own notification sound?