I can’t use a camera alarm as an automation trigger

Hi, I want to use the alarm on one camera (not motion detection) to trigger the alarm on another camera without activating the alarm on the Homebase itself.

This would enable me to fire the second alarm only when in an alarmed security mode.

I don’t want to use a motion detection trigger. I only want the second camera’s to alarm if the first one does.

At the moment in automation you can only use the Homebase alarm as a trigger and I don’t want that to go off in this scenario.

I don’t want my homebase to ever alarm. I don’t want to draw attention to the hub of my system ever.

If they added 2 alarm sounds to the homebase alarm I would be happy. “None” and maybe “ chime”. Wouldn’t mind using the HB speaker as an alert of a trigger. ( just a single chime like you have on a door sensor… not 30 seconds of it ) This wouldn’t help you if you actually use the HB alarm as intended without going in and changing it each time.

Oh… and if Eufy ever reads this stuff… build us a remote alarm please???

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