Human only detection at night

Please allow human only detection at night! Our neighbor has outdoor cats that keep setting the cameras off throughout the night when they wander around.


Yes, please! I only bought the EufyCam 2 system so that I didn’t get notifications from animals, especially at night, and I’ve only just found out it detects everything at night :slightly_frowning_face:


Would that mean the doorbell is AI is not good at night :thinking:. Not really tested it. Should be the same.

The option should be there.

This sounds unlogical to me.
I have a Eufy battery video doorbell which filters for humans at night! The 2c comes even with a separate LED spotlight.
I just unpacked the 2c and found out that the 2c does not use its AI at night. What a negative surprise. I bought the 2c to replace a Reolink Argus 2 due to too many false alarms at night.
I think Eufy should not advertise AI for the 2c as a security cam if it’s not working at night.

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I’ve not had any detection like from cats on my doorbell at night.