Human detection not working properly

Have an Eufycam 2 pointed at my carport where my 2 vehicles are parked. There is a sidewalk leading from the house to the front door of one of the cars. When it’s dark if you walk down the sidewalk towards the car the camera will send notification about the time you clear the house. During the day with motion detection set to Human Only it does not detect any movement in the same area at all. I’ve set the sensitivity to both 6 & 7 with the same results. No detection zones are setup for this camera.

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Since the camera switches to All Motion anyway at night, and it’s working the way you want, I’d change the setting to All Motion for that camera and see if it works during the day.

I have in fact switched the camera to All Motion and it works during the day. But it also triggers each time a car goes down the street. I’m hoping that the critters running through the yard and driveway don’t cause a notification.

Now to the original question why isn’t the Human Only AI working?

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I have a few of these cams… I will switch them to human only and test them. I need to pickup vehicles so never tried it. BRB

All cams work great. Set at 7 sensitivity… 25 ft out walking across the cams view.

If I could just get Vehicle AI I would use this.

A couple of question probably before we can try to help to figure it out.

Since at night all is dark and you will be caught due to the darkness. The question is what does the area look like in the day when the camera is looking at the carport. Is there a sun reflection toward the camera, is there a dark spot where the people are walking on the sidewalk? What is the distance from the camera and the carport?

These may be helpful to help determine what may be going on. Maybe a picture of it during the day (if it is catching it at night, I figure it is close enough)

Your camera a 2 or 2 Pro the reason I ask is my system version is 2.7.4 with a date 0f 4/27 the sub system is the same.

Have had the camera on All Motion for a day now. I get alerts on a person on the sidewalk & walking on the white beyond it. Some cars going down the street seem to cause an alert too but not all. The camera is looking north so the sun tends to be behind the camera and it’s mounted on another carport. The AI doesn’t work until your about 6 ft in front of the car.

Daytime picture from the camera

Sorry… pro. Thought they ran the same firmware.

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At night everything is dark so the night vision can detect things better. I was wondering if you had a lighted area and then there was a dark area. I would assumeit would be a little harder to trip the sensor in the darker area due to the contrast.

From the picture, I am not totally for sure. I mean I wonder if the contrast between the light house and the green grass is causing an issue (which it probably should not). LOL You can always do an experiment. Come out with dark clothes and see if it triggers the camera and then come out with light colored clothes on and see it triggers it easier . LOL

If that was the case you can try to experiment with activity zones (good blocking of the licenses which I would have told you if you did not)…