Hum sound battery doorbell

Hi all, i purchase the video doorbell(battery) a couple days ago. I wired it to mu transformator 16volt but i hear when i watch the clips ans live vieuw a hum sound. I looked it with the tuturials if i did something wrong but I could find it

Regards buyer from Holland

If the doorbell is making the humming sound then it might be because the power supply isn’t enough. You may have to try another Transformer. Try getting a 18v one.


Were you able to fix this issue?
I have the same issue with a brand new Eufy 2K battery video doorbell wired to a Ring Pro transformer (AUBT1-24).

It is a very annoying and loud hum/buzzing sound.

Does the humming go away if you turn off the AC from the transformer and run on batteries?

The transfomer you referenced only produces 15 VA if wired to the 24 volt winding. Eufy recommends a 30 VA transformer.

Also, are you using an existing chime with the doorbell? If so, that will drop voltage and it may prevent the doorbell from working correctly. You could jumper the chime and see if that makes any difference to the humming.

The humming indeed goes away when disconnecting the transformer. I tried another transformer (Vynckier 033/1861-004), but that made the problem worse. That transformer only produces 5 VA wired to 6V winding. So I guess this could indeed be the problem.

I am not using any existing chime.

Does the Eufy 2K doorbell without battery require the 30VA too? Because I am still within the 14 days period in which I can return the product for a full refund.

Is there a transformer (make and model) that Eufy recommends? I’m from Europe (Belgium), so preferably one that I can order in Europe.

EDIT: I just checked the website and for the battery doorbell Eufy doesn’t mention the 30VA:
“Built-in Battery (180-day battery life) or Existing Doorbell Wiring (8-24V)”
For the wired doorbell Eufy does mention it:
“Existing Doorbell Wiring (16-24VAC, 30VA or above)”

For some reason Eufy doesn’t list the power requirements for battery doorbell, but does for the wired doorbell. The battery doorbell should be the same or even higher power rating because it will let you use an existing chime that the wired model won’t.

I originally had a 10VA transformer and over time, it let my doorbell batteries discharge so I needed to pull it off and charge it manually. Once I switched to a higher rating everything has been working for about a year.

Don’t know what is available in Belgium. You could try contacting support and see if they have a recommendation.

Thanks for the info! It is strange that 10 VA is not sufficient given the feedback of Eufy Support.

I just received the following anwer from Eufy support:
The voltage requirement of the 2K battery doorbell is 8-24VAC, 10VA or above. Please recheck the voltage of your adapter.

Here are the lists of compatible power adapters: 24V/500mA, 18V/500mA, 16V/800mA.

Do you maybe know which openings I should use in the AUBT1-24 to try out the 12V 10VA? 1 & 3 or 3 & 4? I do understand the scheme mentioned on it.

This is a photo of it:

Unfortunately, this answer has been given by support to many users and it doesn’t work for most of them. 10VA will get you by for while if you aren’t getting any activations, your recording length is set to minimum, your wiring length is short, and the temperature is above 40F. Once any of these things change, and/or you are using an external chime, the batteries die. There are more than 30 plus posts I have read on this board and Reddit of people who are using small transformers and can’t keep their doorbells working. I can’t guarantee that a larger transformer will fix your humming problem, but it will keep you from having to charge your doorbell manually. A larger transformer won’t damage your doorbell as it will only draw the current necessary.

Thanks, got it. I just tried all openings of the Ring transformer and the less voltage I gave the Eufy doorbell, the louder the humming noise became. I guess another transformer will solve the problem, but 30VA transformers are quite expensive if I look for them on Amazon. I am thinking about sending the Eufy back and just use my Ring again, because I am also a little bit disappointed about the audio not being in sync with the video in my recordings.

Still not sent it back and trying to fix the humming noise. I bought a 24V - 30VA transformer (Schrack BZ326578-A) and unfortunately the doorbell is still making the humming noise.

The customer service is recommending this one:

But it is not a DIN rail transformer so I cannot use it. I asked them to recommend a DIN rail transformer, but as I already tried 3 different transformers I think the Eufy is broken.

If you bought a 30VA and it didn’t fix the issue, its pretty dumb for support to recommend a smaller one. Sounds like you have a defective doorbell. Tell them to you want to have it replaced.

You’re right, I just asked them to replace the unit. If they are not willing to do this, I have no other choice than return it for a refund as I don’t want to keep buying other transformers.

For everyone who has this humming noise on their Eufy battery doorbell:

I’ve tried everything (other transformers, get a new Eufy battery doorbell, changing settings) and nothing worked, except replacing the Eufy battery doorbell with the Eufy wired doorbell.

So my advice is to send back the battery model and get the wired model instead when you have this humming noise.