Hue Phillip link to doorbell

how can I get the doorbell link with Hue so that flash the light when someone press the doorbell as we are all deaf flashing lights more visual.


I would second this suggestion, it would be a great feature enabled with a do not disturb setting on chime (for example when the baby is sleeping, you don’t want the chime to ring at full volume, so a flashing light would be preferred).

Hi thanks how do I do that? Linked eufy with phillip hue?


I haven’t tried it, but perhaps with IFTTT?

I have made an IFTTT trigger when I get a notification from Eufy security with person detection that turns on to lightbulbs in my smartlife app (tuya).

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Hi, i couldnt find Eufy in the IFTTT app?

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I use the android message trigger.
So I get a message from Eufy person spotted or something like that and that then activates a scene in smartlife

Could you elaborate where to find the text message setting? or is this a notification setting? i want to do the same thing regarding my doors being unlocked, have a light be red during certain hours.

You can’t specify what message you get from Eufy… It’s just standard

follow up on this topic…