Updating. Since my original post’s I believe there has been an update, as originally mentioned I had set cameras to all motions to get recordings and notifications. Late on the 7th November the cameras started operating as they should have. So for now all good. :crossed_fingers::tumbler_glass:

Update to my problem (Had the same problem as many with regard recording & notifications went through all the resets, homebase cameras routers all as advised. Today set my three camera’s to all motions and all three working. So conclusion is cameras and homebase ok guess firmware suspect. Somebody have a word and get this sorted. Had my setup since June 21 and only in the last several weeks had problems.)
Obviously the problem now is that every movement is recorded and pushed ie birds cats etc. Each day I reset cameras from all motion to human only, the result is odd camera might work but on occasions notification might be better by post so reset to all motions.
So many complaints regarding similar problems but no acknowledgement or remedy. 06/12/21

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