How to upgrade from the HomeBase2 to the new HomeBase3?

i have 10 Eufy cameras, 1 Eufy doorbell, 2 door sensors and the HomeBase2.
Now I have bought the Homebase3 and cannot find a procedure to switch from HomeBase2 to HomeBase3. Are there any instructions?


Not sure there is one. I just pulled down my cams…. Took the opportunity to clean and charge. I added the hb3 to the app. Removed all my cams and sensors from the hb2…. Did a fresh reset on the cams. Added them to the hb3. Window/door sensors I did without taking them down. Motion sensors and keypad I pulled down and clean/charged/fresh batts… then added to the hb3. When everything looked good I emptied and removed the hb2 ( but you don’t have to)

It’s not a “one click” to transfer so find a nice day and get it done. I don’t think the Eufy software guys have the chops to pull off an easy transfer method.

It Sooooo worth it. The hb3 has top notch AI. Even great human only detection at night.(even with my old cams!) But is still a work in process. Want to record human and pets??… then you will have to put up with alarms for the bunny that moves past a camera at 3 am. So unfortunately I have the hb3 record human only (ugh) and have other cameras looking at the same exact spots to pick up vehicles, pets and the other fun things that happen around my yard.

Have fun

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