How to upgrade from the HomeBase2 to the new HomeBase3?

i have 10 Eufy cameras, 1 Eufy doorbell, 2 door sensors and the HomeBase2.
Now I have bought the Homebase3 and cannot find a procedure to switch from HomeBase2 to HomeBase3. Are there any instructions?


Not sure there is one. I just pulled down my cams…. Took the opportunity to clean and charge. I added the hb3 to the app. Removed all my cams and sensors from the hb2…. Did a fresh reset on the cams. Added them to the hb3. Window/door sensors I did without taking them down. Motion sensors and keypad I pulled down and clean/charged/fresh batts… then added to the hb3. When everything looked good I emptied and removed the hb2 ( but you don’t have to)

It’s not a “one click” to transfer so find a nice day and get it done. I don’t think the Eufy software guys have the chops to pull off an easy transfer method.

It Sooooo worth it. The hb3 has top notch AI. Even great human only detection at night.(even with my old cams!) But is still a work in process. Want to record human and pets??… then you will have to put up with alarms for the bunny that moves past a camera at 3 am. So unfortunately I have the hb3 record human only (ugh) and have other cameras looking at the same exact spots to pick up vehicles, pets and the other fun things that happen around my yard.

Have fun


Thank you for this guide on how you migrated from HB2 to HB3 - super helpful!

With the HB3 can you still use the cameras with HomeKit/Home app? I am not clear on whether the HB3 still supports HomeKit … so if I change the base I’d like the cameras to still appear and record to my Home/iCloud. If I lose the HomeKit functionality I need to reconsider upgrading…

Any thoughts welcome!

Glad my nonsense was helpful. I gave up on the HomeKit thing a long time ago. (And geofencing … activity zones…and my keypad). Even if they say it works… I wouldn’t trust that.

Is there a reason you would want to upgrade to the HB3? If you have a system that is working for you…. I sure wouldn’t. Things are messy in the Eufy universe.

I appreciate that you detailed a common sense way of migrating. But I wish that Eufy had warned me what I was up for when promoting the new HomeBase! There really ought to be an easier way to do this. The website shows you how to move existing devices to a new “Home” but not to new HomeBase hardware. (Or if it is on the website I haven’t found it.)

Very frustrating for a retiree to have to clamber up a tall ladder to get the cameras down from the eaves!

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Unfortunately I read this too late. Have the HB3 and expected an easy way to upgrade from the HB2. Am also a retiree and hate tall ladders. Primarily bought the HB3 because of the SSD-Option and the many false alarms with the HB2. Will put the HB3 away until I have to climb anyway because of the batteries. Hey Eufy, can’t you do better than that? Other than that, I love your products.

A couple ideas that worked for me:

  • If you don’t want to climb a ladder to pair any or all of your cameras with the new HomeBase:
    Use a power extension cord to bring your HomeBase out in the general area of the camera-- it worked at ground level for me.

  • Definitely:
    Get solar panels to provide ongoing power so you don’t have to charge the outdoor panels anymore. Although you can buy the Eufy-branded ones, we are very happy with these Amazon-purchased ones:
    product code B0C23XQGWC