How to turn off camera alarm sound

I would still like my camera to detect pet sounds and motion, but when the camera does this, it also sets off an alarm. How do I turn this feature off on the eufycam?

You need to go into the app, go to security, pick home/away, click the cog and then uncheck camera alarm, that will stop the alarm going off.

I have followed the instructions and the alarm seems to still be occurring. Does it take time for each camera to be updated with the new setting?

Don’t forget to press save

I did this and the siren still goes off which is an awful sound. I’ve had to set it to the lowest volume

I’m having the same problem. I had to turn the volume for the alarm on its lowest setting

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Hi I worked out how to turn the alarm off are you still having problems?

Thanks It worked you have to do it in home mode then do it in away mode. Thanks heaps it was driving me nuts.

Seems to be ok now thankfully, but would be glad of the info just in case it happens again

If you open the eufy app on your phone
on the bottom right hand side click on security
then click on device control home>
Then open the round cog in home
you will have 4 options
unclick the camera alarm and unclick the home base alarm .
Then at the top right press save.
Then start again and instead of doing it in the home square do the same in the away square and press save.
Hope this helps.

Thanks. I just checked the app and that’s what I must have done, although I don’t get the option for camera alarm there, just the homebase, which was the problem

Hi all, your comments are helpfull but need extra help, so turning on and turning alarms off is great but how do you set you cameras alarm so thay only go off when motion is deleted in the house? What i keep having problems with is the camera alarms go of when they detected motion outside, which i dont need. Please help thanks