How to silence the alarm sound every time someone passing by the cam?

How to silence the alarm sound every time someone passing by the cam ???

Go to security tab and select the cog symbol over your active security level and unselect the below


Thank you for your help

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Weird thing is, my two Eufy Cam 2 cameras don’t show up in the Security Tab, only the Homebase 2 and the indoor EufyCam 2K. I was able to get mine to stop sounding the alarm on the camera by going into the schedule and opening each mode and selecting the offending camera and turning off the alarm on the camera. Wonder why my outdoor cameras are not listed in the Security Tab?

@Dave_East I’m guessing it’s because the Cam 2 cameras connect to the homebases and these bases are what controls the modes and automations under the Security tab. It’s also the same for indoor and floodlight cameras because they are stand along devices. In essence, the cameras are just extensions of the homebase units.

I think I have hit masterclass status understanding this system… you also. I try to imagine this stuff under the scope of a new Eufy camera owner … UGHGHGHGH. I have considerable YouTube chops. I am considering a Eufy Cam masterclass. Are you in?!?

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@chefrd At least our experiences and failures can help others with this system…or at least cut their time in half learning what took us weeks/months to know, LOL! :laughing::stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Got that right… now I need to figure out how to reach you outside of this place?