How to remove offline devices from Eufy security app


I recently had issues with my Homebase 2. Eufy sent me a new device. I want to do a fresh install of everything to make sure i don’t have recurring issues.
Now I reinstalled the Eufy security app but the previous devices keep reappearing and I can’t remove them because they are all offline.

How does one remove devices, including Homebase, when you dont have access to those devices anymore?

I tried uninstalling the app from Android including removal of all data and cache, but it doesn’t help. Seems it’s stored in your account.

Thanks in advance


You should be able to remove even if it is off line.

try the following.

Go to device and hit the cog wheel. At the bottom there should be an option to remove device.

I have not done it specifically myself but that is the only way I know that you can remove the device.

Thanks for your help.
I have tried what you explain many times, and was successful when device were online, but the spinning wheel just keeps turning indefinitely.

However, just tried it again last night after reinstalling the app again and deleting data and cache and this time it did remove the devices. Its probably just me…


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Same problem… I had a spotlight cam die and cannot remove it from the Eufy Security App. I had to move it to the end of the list, still quite annoying.