How to remove access from someone who previously had access

I need help. I found out that my ex-wife still has access through the iphone app to my cameras. I have changed my password, setup two factor authentication, but she will has access. I believe I even reset all the cameras when I moved out. What else can I do? The credentials are cached on her phone and she still gets notifications of motion detection where she can then just get in and view my cameras. Help.

“Unshare” your home from within the app?
(if she has admin she could possibly do that to you and lock you out)

Alternately, use a different email address, create a new account, reset all the hardware and add it to the new account.

I have unshared already, but apparently that wasn’t enough. When I moved out, I believe I reset all the cameras, but set them back up with the same email address with a different password. Could she still have access after that? Would I need a new email address as well?

If you reset the cameras but added them back to the same house account, she may retain access - although unsharing should (IMO) remove it. If not, you’d need to email support as that would be a very bad flaw.

Moving them to a new account/new house - should sort it - but ideally should not be required.

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If you have a spare phone and email address, you could test adding yourself via your other email addresses, on another device, and then removing yourself and testing access?

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I just setup a new account on a different phone and tested your theory. You are correct, once I un-share the devices, the new account no longer has access, however, now I’m wondering if she can view the cameras through our alexa apps? Anyone know anything about that? We previously have them tied to alexa so we could view the cameras from our Alexa show. This was under her account. Now how do I remove that access? I will note we still have family sharing setup between our accounts so I’m guessing that’s how she has access. I just found out I have access to her ring camera (on accident) so I’m guessing this is all tied to the Apple family sharing.

I’m hoping to not have to reset everything and set it up with a new account. I’ve contacted Eufy but haven’t heard back from them yet.

My ex-spouse still has unauthorized access through the iPhone app. I’ve changed my password, implemented two-factor authentication, and even reset the cameras after moving out, but somehow, she continues to receive motion detection notifications and can access the camera feeds. It appears that her credentials are cached on her phone, allowing her to circumvent the security measures I’ve put in place.

Hey there, it’s Ahmad. Wow, that’s a serious privacy concern. Changing the password and enabling two-factor should technically do the trick, but if she still has access, that’s problematic. I had a similar issue once, but mine got resolved after the reset.

You’ve already taken some good steps, but here are a couple of things you might try:

Check if there’s a ‘Sign Out from All Devices’ option in your account settings. This should flush out any active sessions.
If you can, remotely logout or disconnect devices that are accessing your camera through the app or web interface.
Revoke third-party app access if your camera system is linked to any other services.
If none of these work, you might have to escalate this with customer support. This seems like a flaw in the design if changing passwords and enabling 2FA doesn’t kick her off the system. Also, consult your legal advisor, because depending on your jurisdiction, she might be breaking the law by accessing your personal devices without apk consent.

Hope you get it sorted, mate. Keep us updated, and you’ll get through it! :shield::video_camera: