How to keep the Floodlight Camera light turned on

Is there a way to keep the flood light on until i turn it off? Is there a way to set the duration that the light stays on when it is trigger by motion or turned on from the app?

I don’t need camera recording for the duration, just continuous use of the light.

Thanks I have 4 flood lights and control them differently. For three of them I have them set up from dusk to dawn. They stay at 25% brightness, until it detects motion and then it jumps to the full 100% for 30 seconds. My other one is off, unless it detects motion, which it then turns on at 100%. You also have the ability to choose what times (scheduled) you want the lights on.


Can you control how long the spot light stays on for ?

@Neil_Switzer Yes, it’s under Lights Settings -> Lights Schedule. If you want to control how long the light actually stays on after a motioned event, then it under Light Settings -> Motion Triggered Lights-> at the bottom Timer for Lights.


Yes you can manually turn on the lights and control them like an on/off switch.

When on the app where you view the live feed. Instead of pressing play to see the camera. Notice the light bulb icon at the top. That’s your virtual light switch.

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Can you turn the light on and off with a light switch?

Hello, I think I am asking the same question.

I want;

  1. light and video when motion detected - easy I can set up in the app
  2. a light switch to turn the lights on flood to stay on when I am out the side in the dark - can this be done?

Answer to #1 yes and #2 yes via app control