How to install eufy security app on amazon fire

How can I install and run the eufy security app on an amazon fire?

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It isn’t in the Amazon store for some reason, but if you sideload the Google play store you can install it from there. Works fine on my fire tablet that way.

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Thank you for helping but what do you mean by side load…can you put the Google Play app on the tablet? Or is there another app that has it? You would think the Eufy company would supply that info!

You can also get the latest Eufy app at I have been using that site for several years without any issues. I like that they also keep older versions of the app available for quite a while so you can roll back the app version if there is an issue I want to test.

Thank you so much but it would not recognize my Fire tablet when I tried to download the Apk app.

I don’t have a Fire tablet, but it sounds like you might have a permissions issue. Android has a setting that has to be changed to allow non-Google apps to be loaded. You might look around in the Fire and see if there is a similar setting.