How to gracefully shutdown HomeBase 3 / S380?

Hi there,

i wonder if there is really no way to gracefully shutdown my HomeBase 3. At least i have not found a way documented… I mean the Sync / Alarm Off button does not seem to completely shutdown the box right, it will just switch off some functionality?!

So, as the HomeBase should basically be some kind of embedded computer like RasPi and has storage connected like flash, RAM and SSD, just pulling the plug implies the risk of data loss or worse - e.g. if a firmware update runs at that time - even render the device non-functional i guess :open_mouth:

Two questions:

  1. Please tell me i am not right in my assumption there is no graceful shutdown… cannot be true on a 500 bucks system.
  2. So because it cannot be true, how can a graceful shutdown be achieved?

Thanks a lot, and best regards