How to get cameras on my tv

Hi can anyone help me I’m trying to link my system to my smart tv LG

Can you sideload Android apps on your tv? If so then download the Eufy Security app and install it. If you can’t access Google play and load it, you can get the Eufy Security app on

I don’t like using “smart TVs” becasue they report back too much information to servers I know nothing about. My solution is to hook up a old PC to the TV and then download the Bluestacks android emulator. This lets me run any android app, including the Eufy app, and games, on my big screen. I have this setup on 2 TVs and it works great. The free version of Bluestacks serves up a couple of game ads when it starts loading, but once you start up, you don’t see any more ads. The Eufy app and cameras look great on the big screen.

@lon314 The latest update on Apple TV and Homekit makes it real easy to see all your cameras at once or individually on the big screen.

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