How to extend distance between Homebase and S330 cameras?

I believe that the Homebase and cameras connect using their own wi fi signal? Had I have known this I wouldn’t have bought the set up.

How can I extend the range between Homebase and cameras please? Would they connect via a mesh network?

Right, the HomeBase and cameras communicate with each other via their own Wi-Fi network. HomeBase uses your home’s Wi-Fi network kind of like a extender / repeater.
The HomeBase can connect to your mesh Network but, the cameras as far as I know cannot.
Option is to move the HB closer to the camera or vice versa and still have a good Wi-Fi connection to your modem / router.

if you use a mesh network, make sure the nodes (extenders) have ethernet inputs. then you can plug the homebase into the node and move the homebase closer to your cameras without losing throughput.

Thanks for the above. However if I move the HB closer to one camera it will be further from the second and will not connect to that one.

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Yeah that’s kind of the downfall with the HB… if eufy would produce a range extender that you can place between the HB and Camera it would solve that distance issue as long as you have an outlet available for that area.

This is from eufy help support:
In theory, the HomeBase can be 50ft from the WI-Fi router. In most cases, the camera can be placed from the HomeBase within 30ft (for a stronger signal).

  • The actual range will vary depending on a number of factors such as the thickness of walls, obstacles inside the house, and the location of the router.*

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The best you can do for now is try to find a happy medium between them and check the Wi-Fi signal meter on the app for strength.

you have 2 options, 1st try swapping cameras. i have found that their is a big difference between cameras with my 2c system. the other option is to add a 2nd homebase.

I’ve an unexpected situation with my Eufy Security system that I wanted to share and seek advice on. It seems that the Homebase and cameras are connected using their own Wi-Fi signals, and I wasn’t aware of this when I initially set up the system. This revelation has caught me off guard, and I’m a bit disappointed as I might not have chosen this setup had I known. Now I’m trying to figure out how to extend the range between the Homebase and cameras to ensure optimal coverage.

There are a few workarounds that you can try, however. One option is to move the HomeBase to a more central location in your home. This will help to improve the signal strength to all of your cameras. Another option is to use a Wi-Fi signal booster. This will amplify the HomeBase’s signal, but it will not extend the range as far as a mesh network would.

Eufy has added a feature to the homebase 3 called “multibridge” to help with the connection distance by using your existing wifi network to connect your cameras to the homebase. At this time only the E330 professional camera supports this feature but I was told more cameras will support it in the coming months. Im already seeing the option for my E340 floodlight but its not currently activated yet.

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A wifi signal booster on Homebase won’t help with the Homebase to camera link as the signals from the cameras won’t get boosted. It could help between router and Homebase, but pulling an ethernet cable would be a better choice.

Can you run two or more homebases in series each with its own set of cameras but only the primary homebase linked to the internet?

No. Homebases don’t talk to each other, only paired devices for that particular Homebase. They each have to talk to internet to function.

And here I was getting ready to upgrade my wifi to wifi 6, 6e or 7 with the expectation that I’d be able to increase the distance between my cameras and the HB3. Good thing I tripped over this thread.

Looking at sub 1G, one site says the signal can travel very, very far (What Is Sub-1GHz Wireless Communication?). Also, this firm designs extenders. From what I have read, this means that a wifi extender or extra mesh node makes zero difference, and we would need a sub 1G node to extended the range. This really limits my Eufy system, as our detached garage is quite far from the house.

I use YoLink products for water leak detection and mitigation. It connects wireless leak detector pucks and shut-off valves through a protocol called “LoRa”, or Long Range, owned by Semtech. It’s big selling point is that it works even if your wifi network is down. (It uses wifi to send out alerts, not to manage the system). While It claims to be able to send signals through walls for up to .25 miles, I indeed have a puck a good 78-80 feet from a shut-off valve, which itself is in a concrete lined basement. It just works.

Question is, does Sub 1G have similar capabilities (carrying much heavier data loads), and will Eufy do something to extend the camera-HB3 range?

Sub - 1G technology operates in the 900 MHz band in the US. Its the same band of frequencies used by your LoRa devices. Eufy actually uses this band for their door, motion sensors, and keypads. These devices communicate back to the Homebase in the 900 Mhz band. This band has better range than the higher frequencies, but at the cost of lower bit rates.

A sensor or keypad only needs transmit only a few bits to communicate it’s state, so works fine at these frequencies. Video streams require much higher bandwidth and thus must use higher frequencies.

There are some video devices that use sub-1G, but they are usually powered devices operating at low resolution. I doubt Eufy will be using this band to extend their products.

Thank you for your insights. I thought as much, as LoRa also needs to send an open/close command when triggered. Sigh.