How to disable "outdoor" chime for 2k battery powered doorbell

I ordered the “Wireless Add-on Video Doorbell with 2K Resolution” and installed it with a connection to the old doorbell transformer and indoor (mechanical) chime.

I do not want the outdoor doorbell (the button) to make a fake tinny chime noise. I have tried going to “Devices → Settings → Audio Settings → Doorbell Ringtone Volume” and setting it to “Min” but that just makes it quieter. On my other doorbell (the dual-camera version) this actually turns the outdoor doorbell noise OFF.

Is it possible to disable the doorbell noise completely?

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Hi, I’m just wondering if you ever found the answer to your question? I have been trying to do the same but keep coming up short. The whole point of buying the doorbell was so that our nervous rescue dog wouldn’t be worried by a knock or doorbell sound, but she hears the outdoor chime so it’s a bit useless at the minute.

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Same here. I would like to silence the outdoor chime-sound, but can’t find a way to do so.

Hi, does anyone has any update on this please? It’s annoying the hell out of our neighbours

I’m not liking the number of months between replies. It doesn’t bode well for the answer, but has this ever been figured out? The Doorbell chime is loud but the voice is quiet. I’d love it just to play the voice only.

I remember that during the Christmas time holiday some doorbells would play a Christmas tune.

This procedure allowed you to change the Christmas tunes or revert your bell sound back to normal. Turn off motion detection first.
Press the doorbell 5 times in a row, with small pauses in between.

I don’t know if this will help you out…
But maybe it will turn off the chime on the doorbell, since in the app settings you have no option to do so.

I’d really like an option to turn this off as well. I think it’s pretty ridiculous that it sounds outdoors like that, what’s the point of it other than making needless noise? Generally I like Eufy’s cams and options, but I intend to replace the doorbell with another brand if there isn’t any way to turn it off.

My doorbell has a setting under the doorbell Audio Settings menu that turns the outside ringtone all the way down. If you turn it down, you have to put your ear right up to the doorbell to hear anything. I am using the T8210 doorbell. The app and Homebase are not affected by this setting, only the doorbell itself.

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