How to delete all event history

How can I delete all event history without having to go day by day?


I would love to know the answer to this too!

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i answer this question twice a week. go to your device page in the app. scroll down to your homebase. open your homebase and you will see storage. open storage and you will see “clear storage”. this will delete all events on your homebase so make sure you download any videos you want to keep before you clear storage.

  1. Eufy should improve this, terrible Ux
  2. There is no such option in my version of the app unless I want to reformat my SD card, this advice is not right, suggest you check again

the instructions above are for android os, i would think it should also be the same for ios. i believe the reason that clearing storage is setup the way it is, is so you can’t inadvertently delete all events. clearing events the way it is setup is a deliberate action.

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You’re both right. Depending on what OS you have and also type of camera system the procedures or lack of it for deleting are different. One example the solo outdoor cam c24. I just go to the events page, tap on the pen/paper icon, tap on select all,then tap on trash can icon.

There is no ‘homebase’ on my ‘my devices’ page. Only option I can see is to go into ‘events’ and then under each day, 'select all ’ and delete. Is there not an autodelete after 7 days etc for example?

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And without a homebase? I have one camera and the Android app. I can only delete a day at a time.
Can you share screen shots where to click or something please

i could be wrong but i believe that the eufy camera systems that don’t have an integrated homebase automatically delete events older then 90 days. can anyone confirm this?

If there are more then 10 events you have to scroll to the last event to delete all. 'select all ’ is just the top 10,