How to delete a Home?

I accidentally created a duplicate Home in the Eufy Security app on my wife’s iPhone. I can not find any way to delete this duplicate home. Is there a way?


Following - I also would like to know the answer to this. I can’t find any way to delete a duplicate Home I created.

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Following this topic as well. My family has created duplicate homes in their apps and it’s causing significant confusion as well.

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submit a feedback/issue to Eufy through app.
they probably will look iNto it.

Otherwise, I think you need to delete all cameras,. and use a new email (user id) to eetup again.

We have the same problem. No way to get rid of the extra home

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Pretty obvious that none of Eufy’s developers ever use the app. Why would you create a top level entity that might require changes without a way to edit and/or delete it?

I can see that you wouldn’t want to make it too easy because users could mess up their config by deleting top level devices, but there should be a way for users to change their config.


Same problem here, no way to delete it?

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I have the same issue which is causing problems and would love to have a resolution. Very hard to believe that the developers did not provide a way for an end user to correct a mistake.

Did anyone get a response to this or a workaround? I have the same issue, after moving to a new phone.

Same question. I created an account for my wife, which by default add’s a home. Then I shared my (our) home to her account. Now she has 2 homes in the app, the default that is not used and our proper home. To avoid mistakes I want to remove the default home.

Same here, please Eufy, at least respond and say you will look into a fix or say you are unable to fix and apologize— but really just a blank stare for months to all these users?!

I found a solution to this!!!

Click on the drop down, should be next to your home name on the top left hand corner.
You should be able to see all your “homes”
select “manage home”
select the home you would like to delete
you should see a button at the bottom that says delete home

Hope this help!

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There is no delete option under manage home. How do I delete the extra home off of my wife’s phone?

Also here - no “delete” button.

I’ve had a Support case about this approximately 1 year ago. Many emails back and forth for about a month. In the end, it all came to nothing and the bottom line is that Eufy didn’t understand.

Sorry no good news.

To delete the extra home: Select the dropdown arrow to the right of the home name. Then below that the gear icon “Manage Home”. Then select the home you want to delete. Down at the bottom is “Remove Home”.


I had the same problem and this worked, thank you. Initially i made the mistake of selecting the menu bars on the top left of the screen instead of the ‘Dropdown Arrow’ to the right of the home name (Default ‘All Devices’), then the rest is as above ‘below that the gear icon “Manage Home”. Then select the home you want to delete. Down at the bottom is “Remove Home”.’

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  1. Go to the APP HOME (MAIN) PAGE.
  2. At top where it says ALL DEVICES, click the down arrow.
  3. At bottom is a “settings wheel” that says MANAGE HOME.
  4. From there you go to the “home” that u want to remove and select it.
  5. You can now remove it

Hey there - having the same problem here, no “Remove Home” option on the home settings.