How to Connect the eufy Doorbell to Your Smart Home Devices?

Do you want to automate your doorbell with other smart home devices?
For example, when the doorbell is pressed, light up the porch light or let echo speaker say a customized word.

We can use the Alexa Routines to do that.

To get started, please follow below steps:

  1. Setup the wired or battery video doorbell and make sure they’re working fine on the eufy Security App.
  2. Open the Alexa app, search for “Eufy Security” Skill. Enable the skill to link your Eufy Security account with your Alexa account.
  3. Discover your devices.
  4. Go to Side Menu - Routines.
  5. Create your routine by defining the name, time, trigger and action. There’re a lot of useful and funny actions you can explore, like saying a customized word, playing a funny sound or linking to IFTTT actions.

You’re all set!

For example, I want to play dog bark on my Echo dot when the doorbell is pressed during 7PM - 12AM everyday. I have below routine settings.


any love for the Google households ? looks like i would need to invest in an Amazon device…


Would like to see this too in a Google enviroment.
Over here in Europe most is Google based.


Great Tips, @HWD_H Thanks for sharing. :grinning:
Wish these options are available across all eufy products :thinking:

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Google Home lacks this type of automation. It’s routines can only be triggered by voice commands. So it’s Google’s fault, not Eufy’s.

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How about integration into samsung smartthings?


This is great! Been waiting for this feature to get hooked up for a while now. I had made a routine where Alexa announces on all my devices: Someone just rang the front doorbell. It just started working yesterday for me.

I haven’t checked to see if “Alexa, answer the front doorbell,” works yet, where I can see the doorbell camera on my show display and speak with the person who is there. Seems Amazon’s doorbell can do this and I’m better others can with the right API hooks in place.

Would be great if we could trigger routines for motion detection by the camera.

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Is there a limit to the number of echos that can be linked to the battery version of the doorbell?

Can we also have access to motion events in Alexa routines? I would love to trigger things like Halloween and Christmas lights/music, porch lights, etc when someone walks by the front door.


If there is it’s high enough that you might not want to reach it.

I had 6 echo dots and 2 echo shows when I first added them (just enabled everything), sounded loud from every room, backed them off to just 2 (Bedroom and garage) and a show in the living room.

Just installed 2k wired doorbell and was hoping to make porch lights turn on with doorbell motion, but disappointed to find only doorbell press supported.


+1 Option to have Motion Detected for Eufy doorbell would be great to create routines in Alexa based on motion, currently it only has option of doorbell pressed.


Please can we get access to motion trigger? I need my porch light to turn on with motion, well before the actual button is pressed! I have steps and it’s dark here at 4:30 in the fall/winter months! I was able to do this with Ring and Smart Things , but switched to Eufy because I wasn’t happy with Ring’s policies.


Did you get a reply? I’m also curious

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I plus one that

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Please this would be very helpful!