How ro attach eufy cam 2 to exterior of house? Do I have to drill?

I recently bought 4 eufy cam 2s, and am curious as to how other people secured them to their house? I have metal siding and would prefer not drilling through it. What methods have people used to attach the outside cameras to cause the least amount of holes etc

I have (5) eufy cam 2s and yes you have to drill them into something. It could be a tree for all that matters but it would need to be securely attached to something. That said, I recommend the full motion ones vs magnetic if used outside (2 screws).

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These worked on my vinyl siding, not sure if that would work on your metal siding.

That vinyl solution is slick. I have wood so this wouldn’t work. However, the drilling is very small and you pick the right spot there has been no negative impact on the house. Frankly, the holes are so tiny you can simply add paint to cover more or less a true wood fix then paint.

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Do you mean the special mount for the camera that installs outdoor?

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This only has one screw hole when the exterior mount has two. How did you make these work? Thanks!

There are plenty of other vinyl siding anchors made specifically for outdoor cameras off all brands with multiple screw points. Just search Amazon, ebay, Etsy, Google, and you’ll find them.