How much energy does a eufy camera and flood light use

So i live beside a well trod path to and from school and of course do not want to capture my neighbours going about their daily business

And I have been trying to use the “active Zone” to phase out filming my enighbours going about their business
But the camera is still picking them up on the path
I have tried to edit the four prefered positions and also tried to edit the Acitve Spots left and right and also tied to sort the sensitivity … by the way is 1 high or low? have tried both and the camera seems to be taking pictures every ten or twenty minutes
Help please
Electicity units have nearly doubled since installed the camera

  1. New Telegram camera Model: Different Eufy camera models might have varying power requirements and energy usage depending on features like video quality, recording settings, motion detection sensitivity, and whether the camera operates continuously or in intervals.
  2. Whatsapp Features: Eufy floodlights may also have different power ratings and energy consumption based on factors such as brightness levels, motion detection, and usage duration.

To determine the precise energy consumption of a particular Eufy camera or floodlight model:

  • Refer to the product manual or documentation provided by Eufy. It should contain information on power consumption or electrical specifications.
  • Check the device specifications on the manufacturer’s website or contact Eufy’s customer support for detailed information regarding power consumption and energy usage.

Additionally, if energy efficiency is a concern, you can consider looking for devices with energy-saving features like motion sensors that activate the camera or floodlight only when needed or models that have specific power-saving modes.