How long before your Eufy doorbell starts to charge?

I have my new battery doorbell connected to an 18v 800mA power transformer. It’s been connected now for 5 days and I’ve noticed in the Power Manager that it’s now down to 86%.
How low does your battery get before it recharges?

Should go down to 80% before starts to recharge back to 90%.


Identical to my post. It has some finding that you might find useful.

SmOothie, thanks for the link. Interesting that I’m using an adaptor for mine which is identical to yours except for the name, and yours starts to charge at a higher percentage. Mines been going for around 5 days on power and has not tried charging at all, and is down now to 85%. I’m hoping, as others have said, that it should start to charge at around 80%. I’ll keep an eye on it and report back.

There are days where mine will charge when it gets to 80% ( won’t last 5 days or more) and others it will just charge anywhere between 83% - 89%

Seen that new app update on front page now show doorbell is hardwired and no more battery sign.

% Seem to have gone in the power management aswell.

Guess that’s one way to get new battery doorbell owners to stop asking about hardwired recharge. Don’t think they even know.


Haha that’s what ring does. I’ve backup the existing app for android.

Where did you get the latest app?

Can download from App Store now. Don’t think can back up the app on iOS.

Keep checking to see if I can see the % :rofl:

But what I want to know now is it charging from 80% in the background. Maybe I need to email them. :thinking::rofl:

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Yup. We know how it works in the background :joy:

Charges to max 90%.
My hypothesis - 2 charge cycles:
1.Cycles down to 80% then back up
2.Cycles down to 70% then back up


After update the battery % is gone. But it wil not charge beyond 90%.

I would have expected yours to reach 90% or High 80s at some.point unless you have a lot motion all the time.

You might need to use a multi meter to test how much power is actually going to the doorbell. Mine was 18.4v.

My doorbell dropped to 84% today and now its 90% and stopped charging.

I’m a tad confused here with the latest app update. It’s supposed to be helpful in that it now shows you are externally powering your battery doorbell, however there’s no way now to tell the actual charge state of the battery, or am I missing something here?

I think that was eufy’s plan. You only need to know its wired vs knowing the battery % and thinking about what it should be.

I just installed the iOS app and it’s pretty much the same except the % Indicator.

Also noticed that the eufycam 2cs are 98% and 96% but on the android app its still 100%…