How does eufy record?

Just bought a Eufycam2, with Homebase. All set up and cameras working properly.
Only problem is that I cannot see what has been recorded.
I’ve trawled through FAQ, which as always give the answers to questions they would like me to ask, but not the answer to questions I want to ask.
So, where are events recorded? Are they recorded anywhere? How do I view them. I’ve looked at events which says no activity. If I look at storage under my devices it says two events, which is far fewer than has actually happened.

When I look at the app (Android) I can see the cameras in live view, which is fine but not really what I want.

I get the impression that for some reason nothing is recording, despite the settings saying that the cameras are recording.

So where do I go from here?

You should be able to see the video clips in the Events section of the app. If you aren’t seeing anything there, check the Security tab under Home and find your Cams 2. Both boxes should be checked for recording and notifications. Also, check to make sure that your motion detection is turned on and set high enough to trigger a clip to be recorded.

Thanks. Think I’ve found the problem - the activity was taking place too far away for the camera to record. I’ll have to sort out the range and see if it’s what I want.

Did you find a way of improving detection range as I’m having a similar issue with one of my cameras?

You can do some pretty amazing things if you open up the camera and swap out its stock lens for something with a much longer (or shorter) focal length. I’ve done this many times with Eufy Indoor 2K cams, with outstanding results. I can’t speak to other cam models, except to say that if they also use a standard “M12”-format lens, it should be possible.