How do you talk to someone at the door?


We just installed a Eufy Video Doorbell. Shouldn’t you be able to talk to someone at the door? I tested it and no one can hear me at the door. What’s wrong? My audio settings aren’t on mute.



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did you tap the icon that looks like a phone to activate 2 way communication?

@war48 @dpoppo On the doorbell camera you just need to press the “phone” icon.

i just corrected my post while you were posting. i initially missed the video doorbell part.

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@dpoppo :+1:t3:

What phone icon? Can’t see one anywhere…

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What phone icon, where? Can’t see anything either on the doorbell or the app

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on android when you open up the doorbell camera you should see 3 icons on the right side. the top one is to share, the middle one looks like a phone to start your interaction with the person at the door, and the bottom one is to record the audio and video.