How do I stop it recording when we're home?

When we are home and don’t need it recording or sending us notifications do we need to turn off the cameras?

@sea1076 Just switch your system to “Disarm” or create a new mode that changes what you want the cameras to do.

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Hi there, I turn my motion detection off on the garden when I’m home otherwise I’ll be pinged all day! Got to ‘my devices’ choose which camera and then select ‘motion detection’ and slide it to off.

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Open the app. Select security. Then tap disarm.
If you want it to do this automatically.
Open app. Select security. Tap geo fence.
Warning. This uses location, thus more battery.

thanks - it would be great if you could set the disarm for i.e. one hour - so you don’t have to remember to turn back on!

Some cameras have a snooze setting in their settings. You can choose a time it offers to turn back on.
Would be simpler if they had a widget for that so you wouldn’t have to open the app and click a few times.

Thanks. I don’t seem to have that feature, but just discovered geofencing, which might serve as well
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What camera is this?

The pic I provided earlier is for the Battery Doorbell 1080p Grade with plug-in Wi-Fi Chime.
The pic on here is the S210 OutdoorCam AKA Solo OutdoorCam C24.

EDIT: you know, I never actually used it, so I decided to try it out.
It’s kind of worthless as it doesn’t stop the recordings of motion detected it only stops your phone from receiving motion detected notifications. :person_facepalming:

I just unplug the power .

Thinking to get wifi power plug.

Is the geofens working on your side? From my side not always the case ( android )

Yes…. Worthless . That batt cam of yours was the first I have ever seen that could actually snooze a camera. We have been asking for this per camera… and a system snooze for a loooong time.

Maybe there is hope that they understand the need???