How do i change my email address without deleting all the devices

How do i change my email address without deleting all the devices?


@ddecrescente you cannot! Make a new account and re add all to new account. I tried getting my email changed thru support but they said they couldn’t/wouldn’t.

very sad.


This is basic functionality that should be there. :man_facepalming:


I also need to change the email address. I emailed support asking how I do this, because for some reason when I tried to log in to, a note displayed saying ‘The account sign-in was incorrect or your account disabled temporarily. Please wait and try again.’ I waited (have done several times now) and ended up emailing support to explain the situation.
They sent a reset link (which took overnight to arrive because of the forwarding set up of the old email - hence the change being required) and the reset link only worked for!?! Nowhere was it said that I wasn’t able to change my email, so I’ve jumped through these hoops and nothing has been fixed. :slightly_frowning_face:
Can someone please confirm that I cannot simply update the email address in the actual website I need access to, instead of this seemingly irrelevant one?

Surely this is a joke at our expense.
We have 3 homes with these cameras. All have other family members added to acces them to change modes. If this mob whom we are trusting the security of our personal possessions cannot do something so simple as change an email address.
Then im out.
There are other security cameras out there and im off to them. No way can I trust a company this pathetic to stop my homes from being broken into.