How do I access my cloud data

How do I access my cloud data, what else needs to be enabled as I have subscribed but no details of how to check it is working or how to access.

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Did you get an answer to this question as I am having the same issue. Is anyone able to help?

You should be able to view your cloud data and live views via the Eufy portal at Just sign in with your account and all your devices will show up.

Hi, I’m unable to view my cloud storage data via website, I keep getting this message:
To view cloud storage videos on the web, please disable this feature by going to the sidebar in the App - Control Center - Video Encryption - Advanced Encryption for Cloud Storage.

I have disabled it on my mobile but it still say this.


Did you solve this issue? Currently having this exact error message although we followed what it asked and still can’t view any storage.

Same problem. Paying for cl.oud storafe but it does not show up. Cannot access it.

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Having the same problem as well. This is becoming BS and I want my money back.

totally useless, will trash this and spread the word, no one should make the same mistake to pay for this

I’m having same issue. Also, when I try to access videos from yesterday on my phone, I’m getting the message “unable to play live videos” (it’s not live). Totally frustrated paying for a useless device/program.

kinda weird that cloud service unable to view at iphone, it only allow to watch at pc base. That is shame as eufy always mention their high end system.

and the decrypt video that quite some time. I know is security feature, but the decrypt feature is too slow(outdated).

also pls have the function to let users decide want encrypt or not since beginning eufy already lie to us about the encrypt feature( dun have this feature until somebody notice and post in the web)

using iphone? U only can view it in pc . damm not user friendly

using pc then u can see the cloud storange. i not sure about android phone, on my iphone i cannot view the icloud video

Same issue happening to me. WHERE ARE MY VIDEOS STORED ON THE CLOUD?

I am having the same issue. A few days back I installed 2 solo Eufy S340 cameras. I than signed up for the cloud storage so I could watch the events on my PC. But every time I go to the PC and open the “events” section I get this message:

“ No videos on Cloud Backup

  • It’s unavailable to play the clips stored in HomeBase local storage by web portal because they have been advanced encrypted. It’s recommended you to play them in the app or subscribe to the cloud recording service.”

I have sent emails to support but get nowhere. I spent an hour on the phone to support only to tell me they will have to escalate the issue but I have never heard back.

I am very upset for two reasons: I paid for something I that I am not getting, and I also counted on using my PC to watch the events. It has been very frustrating.

Restarting the camera worked for me.