How can I connect eufycam base to internet without direct ethernet connection to router?

Up until recently I had eufycam base directly connected to router in the garge. But due to epoxy works in the garage, I had to completely empty everything on the floor. To keep internet working, I hung router on the wall but couldn’t do same for eufycam base. So its sitting inside the house disconnected from router and I have no visibility from my cameras. I cannot take it back into garage until 3 more days I have to let the epoxy dry.

Can anyone please suggest what I can do in the meanwhile to get visibility from cameras back? Can eufycam base connect to internet without ethernet connection to the router (as in wirelessly) ?

Do not know your camera but it should connect wireless to the homebase.

You will just need to try to reset up the camera. Connect the homebase to power. I think you will click the button on the back of homebase for 2 seconds. Then follow the instructions to connect it wirelessly. (Been a bit since I did it)

You should have instructions in the box if kept.

You can set the Homebase up to connect wirelessly to your router. The problem is, your Homebase has to be connected via ethernet to your router in order to set up the Wifi source.

Once you set Wifi up, the Homebase will automatically switch between ethernet or wifi if one of the connections drop.