How bout you advertise “MAINTENANCE”, what a Pain!

Would of been nice to let everyone know that there might be some issues with the server since you are running a maintenance check.

Would of not lost an hour of my life trying to figure out why one of my cameras went down and could not reset!

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This whole situation seems very shady. I am feeling like they are trying to cover something up. I hope not but it seems that way. I’m not very happy with Eufy right now and I definitely won’t be buying their Indoor Cams.


I totally agree. I catch more by looking out my window than the cams. This is sad.

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No problems in the UK all working as normal with no downtime at all this weeknd must be a certain geographic server maintenance

Good for you if your wasn’t down but it’s nothing to be happy about . Next time it could be you.

Honestly there should be a simple status page that anyone can hit that runs on a different server. That server should probably hit a health check URL to check certain aspects of the Eufy security infrastructure. It should have the ability above showing current status, but also show running notes from support on current status of the infrastruture to provide updates.

Then the mobile app should be updated with a quick check to that server that looks for any kind of current status that isn’t all green and if something does show up simply post that to the top of the app. They already have that space created as that is what we have been seeing the error message about connecting to the app server for the last 2 days. It probably could even contain a short link to the status URL as well.

My guess would be there is some geographical server seperation. How large that is would be up for debate, but my guess is that the servers i hit in the US are likely not the same servers LeeH hits in the UK or in AUS. Latency would start to get to great. If someone didn’t get hit by this yet, and it was truely a server update then they will likely get hit by it later unless there is a lessons learned and a better non impactful way to do it. If that is the case though then why in the heck would you do it first to such a large market.

More than likely will happen to us when they upgrade the European servers but l’ll just sit and wait happily for the problem to be fixed :grin:

The Problem is what is ok for a security product. What if was out of town and someoen was able to break into my house and i couldn’t review the footage that that time. What if i have it monitoring my pool and some poor kid found a way to get to it and drowned because i didn’t get notified. We have these cameras to be notified quickly when something is happening. I generally have notifications turned off, but you can be darn well sure when i get a notification i want to be able to review what is happening.

I feel like i am being pretty tollerant right now, but if this had happened while i was on my vacation last xmas i would have been livid. I got notified of a alarmm event at the house at about 5 in the moring when i was 4 states away in the US or 600 miles. Needless to say i couldn’t just stop by, I got up pulled up all of my cameras, and reviewed the house status in and out and then talked with the officer that showed up for about 5-10 min. It isn’t ok to have a simple server authentication outage prevet me from having access to everything.

I am testing the waters with Eufy right now as i have been using a different brand for years. I can count on 1 hand the times i have had a signficant negative impact from that other brand, and it took years for the first event to occur. Even when they did the majority of the events have been short lived. The reason i am looking at EUFY is because of the cost of that other brand for subscription services.

I look at the current situtation as a issue with the maturity of the company. An application this critical should be very distrubuted horizontally and be darn near impossible for anything less then a disaster to take down. A software update certainly shouldn’t be able to do it.

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We do feel sorry fo the inconvenience, right now all the issue have been resolved.

The problem that users cannot view any footage has been solved. If you still have same problems, please contact

The reason you had this problem is that we had a two-hour temporary maintenance and upgrade for the server. The maintenance does not affect the recordings of the camera. The video data does encrypt and save on local HomeBase. Video data streams directly from HomeBase to your phone.

So don’t worry about the loss of footage. Your eufy guard is always protecting your home.

But once again @eufy_official we should have been notified that you were performing “maintenance” so we were not scrambling around all day trying to figure out why the events were not working…

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