House do I turn off the full screen popup adds?

Is there any way to turn off the full screen popup adds?

It’s cheap …considering this is supposed to be a premium product.

” listen to my mixtape"…

I don’t think I’d get another eufy product…


Got another rubbishy full screen add today.

Can we turn the adds off? I want to be able to use my expensive product without advertising spam

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This is truly garbage. I got a doorbell notification on my phone. When I opened the app, there was a full screen ad preventing me from seeing who was at the door. Not a great security solution.

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Same I keep missing who is at the door while trying to work out how to get past this full screen ad. There is a skip in the top right hand that doesn’t work. Device isn’t recommended when ads take priority over its major function.

I don’t see any pop up ads on my device/app.