HomeKit Secure Video

It’s arrived!!!


Wow, great find @User1477 :+1:

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Awesome! Now we just need HomeKit support for the video doorbell.


@User1477 support recently told me it’s coming extremely soon for the 2c and I’m astatic about this no worries of getting videos off storage of HomeBase plus I already have the 2Tb plan so I’m good to go thanks for the heads up most appreciated :wink:

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Looks like this was actually a mistake - eufy didn’t mean to push this live yet.

Eufy is informing users that this update was pushed out by mistake as a result of “internal human error” and that the feature is currently in the certification process. Thanks AM!

Awesome news

As promised, eufy is now updating its eufyCam 2/2C security cameras with support for HomeKit Secure Video.

Yesterday, only a few testers received the update for HomeKit Secure Video support. However, from today until March 31st, HomeKit Secure Video will be available via a beta firmware update. Users who are interested in the beta trial can contact the eufy support team for early access.

Starting from April 1st to 10th, we will start rolling out of the firmware update that brings HomeKit Secure Video support to all eufyCam 2/2C security systems. The update will download automatically when HomeBase is idle.


Great news @Mengdi! For those in the beta program already for the original HomeKit release, do we need to request HomeKit Secure Video push separately?

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How do I get added to the beta? I’d love to help test.

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Read what @Mengdi said contact support that has worked for me on multiple firmware betas :v:t2:

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Please contact: support@eufylife.com - to apply for the early access of HKSV.

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Glad the HomeKit is finally available for eufyCam, I really wish if there is a way to have this for the original eufycam too.:grinning:

@Mengdi Just an FYI In order to get the beta firmware you need to take a questionnaire and agree to a NDA agreement then sign and send it back to support… For those thinking about getting it.

"Thank you for your interest in the eufyCam 2/2C HomeKit Secure Video!

Since HomeKit Secure Video requires additional Apple hardware and iCloud storage plan, and the firmware is in the beta stage. According to our engineer, would you please fill in the following survey, sign the attached NDA and get back to us with the scanned version?"

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If you already send the email, it’s good

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@Mengdi Yes they pushed it over night works pretty good but noticed that the iOS 13.4 beta and HomeKit with my cameras they go unresponsive from time to time.

Glad to hear that!

@Mengdi do you know what the status is? It’s April 21 but I haven’t seen any update to support HKSV just yet. Thanks :slight_smile:

HKSV will be released later In the month but as of today I wouldn’t hold my breath! The beta is coming along they are just getting a lot of bugs squashed but rest assured it is coming and you will like it very much :v:t2:

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Because it is still in beta test process.If you are interested in this function, you can email to support@eufylife.com to apply for the beta test qualification.


Thanks @Mengdi
Will you post a note here instantly when you start roll out HKSV to all?

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