HomeKit Secure Video Compatible on eufyCam 2/2C

Dear eufy Fans,

A big news for today is HomeKit Secure Video is compatible with eufyCam 2/2C. Here comes the introduction on this function.

What are the feature differences between HomeKit support, HomeKit Secure Video and eufy Security App?

How can I use HomeKit solely without the need for the eufy Security App?

Since day-one of HomeKit support, the eufyCam 2/2C system can be set up and used via iOS Home App directly.

It means the user doesn’t need to download the eufy Security App or register an eufy account. This is pure HomeKit-only.

If you have set up your eufyCam 2/2C on the existing eufy Security App, you may remove it:

Go to the eufy Security App, HomeBase Settings - Remove Device. This will reset everything on HomeBase and the eufyCams.

By removing the HomeBase, all recordings and settings on this system will be removed.

If you haven’t set up the system on the eufy Security App, please skip this step.

To use the eufyCam 2/2C system from scratch:

Step 1. Power on your eufy HomeBase 2 and connect to the Internet.

Step 2. Launch iOS Home App on your iOS device, scan the Setup Code on the bottom of HomeBase and then follow the instructions to add the Accessory (HomeBase 2) to HomeKit. If your QR code doesn’t look like the HomeKit one, no worry. It’s compatible.

Step 3. Add eufyCam 2/2C to HomeBase 2.

  1. Place eufyCam 2/2C camera close to the HomeBase
  2. Press the SYNC button on eufyCam 2C/2for 2 seconds until you hear a beep sound. The eufyCam 2/2C will be waiting for a sound wave message sent by HomeBase 2.

  1. Press the SYNC/ALARM OFF button on HomeBase 2 for 2 seconds until you hear a voice message. This is the sound wave message carrying setup message to send to eufyCam 2/2C.

  1. Wait for 30 seconds and you will hear a voice message “Device was added successfully”. That means eufyCam 2/2C has been added successfully. You’re all set.

What’s the requirement to use HomeKit Secure Video?

  1. An iPhone, iPad, or iPod Touch with iOS 13.4 or later. We strongly recommend HomeKit Secure Video users upgrade to this version before using HomeKit Secure Video.
  2. The Home app set up on your iOS device using the Apple ID that you use with iCloud.
  3. An iPad, HomePod, or Apple TV.
  4. A 200GB or above iCloud storage plan.

Why do I need to upgrade to iOS 13.4 or higher while the Apple Support site only requires iOS 13.2?

Cameras with a bridge, like the eufyCam 2/2C with HomeBase2, are different from regular wired cameras. Specific function and optimization are required for the previous one. So we recommend users upgrade to iOS 13.4 before setting up HomeKit Secure Video on eufyCam 2/2C.

The iOS 13.4 was officially released on March 25th, 2020. Check the Software Update on your iOS device.

Why do I need to have a home hub to use HomeKit Secure Video?

HomeKit Secure Video is designed to rely on a home hub. Without a home hub, HomeKit Secure Video options won’t be available even if the eufyCam 2/2C system is upgraded to compatible firmware.

With a home hub, users can control their HomeKit accessories remotely, grant access to the people they trust, and automate their accessories to do what they want, when they want.

Users can set up a home hub on an iPad, Apple TV or HomePod. For more information, please click here.

How many eufyCams can HomeKit Secure Video support?

The eufyCam system supports up to 4 cameras to enable HomeKit. If you have more than 4 cameras and need to enable all of them for HomeKit, you may need another HomeBase 2 to cover another 4 cameras.

Can I use both Home App and eufy Security App simultaneously?

Yes. Users can use both Apps on the same or different iOS devices. Users can also use the eufyCam system in parallel on an Android device or share it with another device with the eufy Security App installed.


If one eufyCam system is controlled by Home App and eufy Security App, some settings may affect each other. See below question.

What features and configurations will change after enabling HomeKit Secure Video on an eufy Security App?

  1. The LED will display red to notify visitors when the camera is streaming or recording.
  2. Logo and timestamp will turn off.
  3. Camera Detection Type will change to All Motions to bypass on-device AI on the eufyCam 2/2C. The home hub will do the job to analyze video and filter out events with human, pets and vehicles.
  4. Camera Working Mode will change to Optimal Surveillance Mode, which re-trigger interval is 5s and the max recording length is 60s.
  5. Activity Zone won’t work to filter out detections out of your interested zone.


Changing Detection Type back to Human Only or switching off recording on Security Mode on the eufy Security App will result in HomeKit not being able to detect or record any motions.

Please do not change these settings if you prefer to use the Home App most of the time.

How can I fine-tune the Motion Detection sensitivity on Home App?

The Home App doesn’t support the option to change Motion Detection sensitivity for a battery-powered camera.

Users need to use the eufy Security App to change this setting.

How can I preserve battery life after enabling HomeKit Secure Video?

One or several configurations below can preserve battery life.

  1. Disable LED.
  2. Lower Motion Detection sensitivity if you receive excessive false detections.
  3. Select Optimal Battery Life mode to balance re-trigger interval, recording length and battery life.
  4. Use Schedule or Geofencing Security Mode on eufy Security App to disable recording when you’re home or security surveillance is not needed.

Will I have a copy of history recording on HomeBase after enabling HomeKit Secure Video?

If you use Home App solely and don’t add the HomeBase to the eufy Security App, your video will only save to your iCloud storage. The HomeBase will not keep a backup.

By adding the eufyCam system to the eufy Security App, your videos will have a backup on the HomeBase and you can watch them on the eufy Security App.

Will I receive notification on both iOS Home App and eufy Security App?

Yes. Users will receive notification from both Apps.

How can I use HomeKit Secure Video on eufyCam 2/2C?

The new firmware with HomeKit Secure Video support was released on June 9th 2020. This firmware will be pushed to all users’ systems in 2-3 weeks.

For more info about Home Kit Secure Video, please click here.


Thank you for the detailed instructions @Mengdi :+1:

Great post with lots of info to digest and understand :ok_hand:t2:

Hopefully I’ll get to use these features soon

I haven’t had interest in HomeKit yet … but maybe I’ll give it a try. Just to see what the big deal is on that.

thanks @Mengdi great info and comparison

Just an FYI for anyone out there thinking about using HomeKit Secure Video instead of the Eufy App. I have had two Logitech Circle 2 wired cameras for about 6 months on HomeKit Secure video. These have been running alongside my eufy cameras which are not connected to HomeKit in any way. The user experience from Apple’s Home app and Eufy’s app is orders of magnitude different. The Apple app is extremely buggy. It is without a doubt the worst Apple software I have used in the past 15 years. It regularly doesn’t work well and either goes black or won’t stream at all. It is certainly not reliable enough to use for security. Top notch frustration has been a daily experience with Apple’s Home app. On the other hand, Eufy always works, and the options available in its app are far greater than the options with Apple secure video. Apple will have to vastly increase the reliability and usefulness of the Home app before I would ever dream of switching my eufy cams over to it.

@Mengdi will the 2/2C eventually get 2 way audio in HomeKit ?

Hi. I appreciate the enabled HomeKit Secure Video, but it’s not reliable.

When I add the Homebase to HomeKit - I’ve tried both ways, from within the app or straight by scanning the HomeKit code on the base - the cameras cannot be reached after a while. It first works, then they don’t show the updated picture anymore and are not accessible…

I use two Homebase2, one with 4 cameras, one with 1 camera.
Again, at first it works, then after a while the access is denied…

Any recommendations for me?

Please send the error message to support@eufylife.com. They need to do an analysis.

Has anyone gotten HomeKit secure video working? I followed the instructions and can see the camera in HomeKit. I know my system is compatible with secure video as I have 2 logitech circle devices where secure video is working great.

So whilst I can see the eufy cams in HomeKit, they don’t seem to be recording anything to secure video. Do I need to remove the eufy app?

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It’s worth noting that a number of changes are coming in IOS14 for HSV, as a developer I am running this myself.
These include
Motion zones
Facial recognition (using your photos)
Display/announcements on AppleTV
Announcements on HomePod

I’m DESPERATELY hoping for this to be add3d to the eufy wireless doorbell.


It could be that the firmware needs to be updated. When I first added mine to HomeKit they did not have the right firmware so no secure video. But the same day they automatically downloaded the new firmware and I had HomeKit secure video automatically enabled. I don’t have to do anything special including anything with the eufy app

Have you gotten it to work. I have the same problem. I can see the cams but I don’t see no recorded video or timeline.

That sounds like HSV isn’t enabled. A regular homekit camera will show what you are describing, except you see the recording options in settings?

I’ve had my homebase a while and it’s in my HomeKit. I’ve had the Eufycam 2c’s today but can’t get them to connect via HomeKit? Do I have to do things in a specific way? I’m normally ok with this stuff.

If I try and add the accessories via the home app, it doesn’t recognise the barcodes on the cameras.

I am running the current firmware and also have the same issue where the camera is visible in HomeKit but there is no timeline. My two Circle cameras are showing timeline, so it appears to only be the Eufy cam 2.

He is not answering i think it means never

I sometimes see the Talk-Button in Homekit. Maybe we can expect it soon