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hello, I use my iPad as a Home Bridge control center. If I’m in my own WLAN, I get push notifications when a video is recorded. As soon as I leave the house and am on the mobile network, I don’t get any notification. as soon as I am back in a WiFi network, all notifications come at once. Do you know what that could be?
AppleHome Kit with iPad as ControlCenter.
Cam „Eufy indoor 2k“

HI @Marcel.popanda

For the HomeKit notifications to work while you are not home. It requires either an iPad, AppleTV, or a HomePod all the time to act as the ‘Home Hub’.

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Hello and thanks for the quick message. I use the iPad as a HomeHub, it is always connected to the power supply and configured as a control center.


But if/when you take it out of the house and use it with cellular connection. That’s why HomeKit cameras stop working during that time.


@Marcel.popanda are you keeping iPad home all the time to act as a bridge? still not getting notifications to your phone?

No, still no notifications.
In the meantime I did it via the Eufy app because it works.

I tried again yesterday.
At home in your own WiFi everything works fine.
At work in WiFi too.

As soon as I’m in the “mobile network” nothing works.

The iPad always stays at home.