HomeKit for Indoor 2K Feedback

HomeKit support is here! I have a couple items to submit as feedback.

  1. Is two-way audio support coming? This currently isn’t available as an option within the Home app.
  2. The HomeKit Portal says “My Home” instead of my Home’s actual name in HomeKit.
  3. When adding the Camera to HomeKit, the portal shows a “Bridge” accessory first, even though there is no bridge required for the Indoor 2K camera. After setup, the “bridge” accessory is not listed under the “Hubs & Bridges” section of the Home app, so I’m not sure if that was just a necessary step in the setup process or a bug.

I bought these cameras in part because of the promised HK integration, but some of that enthusiasm has dissipated now that I see the limitations.

  • When the “Add to Home” caveats appear and say that the AI and activity zones will be disabled, does that mean the camera loses those features entirely (even through the Eufy app) or just when accessing them with HK?
  • Same question re: SD/NAS storage. Is that just a “via HK” thing, or am I no longer to save and access SD/NAS footage even through the Eufy app?

If so, it seems like some of the best features get axed for minimal gain.

Activity Zones are coming to HKSV with iOS 14 (tvOS 14) so unless installing the now available Apple Public betas, you won’t see those until fall when iOS 14 is general release if you decide to use the camera w/ HomeKit. Also, with HKSV the AI processing is moved to the Home Hub (in my case, an AppleTV) rather than the on-camera AI processing used with the EufySecurity app. You will lose the on camera AI in the Eufy app in leiu of the HK AI. You can still do SD recording, but not NAS/RTSP in conjunction w/ HomeKit. Hope that sheds some light for you!

I’ll have to let someone from Eufy discuss the 2-way audio

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So happy we now have the integration! Thanks Eufy!!

Hoping we will have mic access soon thru the Home app. Currently available with the Logi Circle cams.

Unless, I missed a setting somewhere?

Thanks! :slight_smile:


After turning on HomeKit, I can see video recording in the Home app when it detects motion. But that seem to only work for the first 30m. After that there are no more recording. I tried to disconnect from HomeKit and Eufy app and redo the setup again, and recording is back in Home app, but also only for the first 30m.

Anyone else with the same problem?

I also have 2 Pans. Both went into HomeKit OK. But, one of them won’t allow me to see live video on my Apple Watch. Just gets stuck with connecting…

I’ve tried removing and re-adding to HomeKit. But, same issue. It does work perfect though on my iPad and iPhone. Have also restarted all devices and router. Anyone else? Thanks! :slight_smile:

For me the HomeKit portal just says “coming soon”?

Edit: ahh, I see that the camera needed to be updated. Can’t wait to try this out!

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Hi there! I ended up resetting the Pan and now it is working! :slight_smile:

Hmm. I can’t get any homekit cameras to work with my watch.

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Hmmm. I have a series 5 and all are there and streaming.

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When I try to add the camera it shows a bridge icon and returns cannot find accessory.

I hope we get mic access also! Otherwise what a great product.

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